These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Our Website.

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GINIKO agrees to perform services defined in the Attached Proposal, and CUSTOMER agrees to pay the fees for the services in the sums described in the Attached Proposal for the TERM of the Agreement..


The TERM of this Agreement shall be effective for the TERM specified in the contract unless terminated earlier as provided herein. This Agreement shall automatically renew itself for additional terms equal to the length of the original TERM, unless either party gives the other written notice of its desire not to renew at least: CUSTOMER is responsible for full and total payment of TERM regardless of early termination of services.


All materials delivered to GINIKO by CUSTOMER ("CUSTOMER's Material") shall remain the property of CUSTOMER, and GINIKO shall not have the right to use the CUSTOMER's Material except in performing the Development Services for CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER warrants that all information and any other material provided to GINIKO is owned by the CUSTOMER. All Work Product except for the CUSTOMER's Material shall be the sole property of GINIKO, and GINIKO reserves all rights in the Work Product, subject to the above license.


GINIKO uses core modules of software code to build Programming Code and does not grant CUSTOMER resale or licensing rights to the Programming Code. All Work Product is subject to intellectual property rights reserved by GINIKO and/or others as designated by GINIKO, and may not be further licensed or transferred to others by CUSTOMER.


GINIKO's price is subject to a variance of fifteen percent (15%) due to the interactive nature of creative, technical, and other development work for fixed-price, fixed-hour quote, or other estimated pricing. Costs for equipment may change due to market conditions and GINIKO agrees to promptly provide CUSTOMER notice of any such price changes. Unless noted otherwise, fixed-price estimates are subject to change by GINIKO if the requirements of the services to be performed change during the project based upon GINIKO's understanding.


CUSTOMER is responsible for full payment of TERM regardless of early termination. Account cancellation should be done at by canceling subscription. Account will be automatically deactivated end of service term. All payments are non-refundable.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.