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GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon What is GINIKO TV?

GINIKO TV is an online streaming platform which has top channels all around the world. You can watch a wide variety of USA and international channels. GINIKO TV offers channels from different countries, variety of languages and categories. GINIKO TV offers a growing number of packages.

GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon How much does GINIKO TV cost?

GINIKO TV offers multiple packages that have various live channels and pricing depends on the package you would like to watch. Some packages and channels offer free to watch live streams on any platform. However, to be able to watch recorded shows and channels that do not have a free to watch option a monthly subscription is required. GINIKO TV offers monthly subscription packages starting from $3.99/mo. Choose the right package for you and watch premium live and recorded content.

GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon What does each package indclude?

All packages include many premium HD channels. Packages contain 14 to 88 channels

7 days recording.

24/7 Customer support

Simulataneous access to subscribed package content on 3 different devices.

GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon Where can I watch GINIKO TV?

You can watch Ginoko+ on Web, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV,Apple TV, iOS, and Android devices.

GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon When do I need to cancel my subscription so I'm not charged again?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. You must cancel the day before your renewal date in order not to be changed again. Note: due to high volume, refunds will not be given, therefore it is up to the customer to know their renewal date and cancel before that date.

GINIKO TV plus and minuse icon How can I stream my content on GINIKO TV?

Please contact with GINIKO TV Team.

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